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HG, thanks for thumbnailing just about every shot you have taken in your entire life, plus the one that didn't make RP. Longest post ever, in terms of screen inches if not words!

Chase, I don't shoot enough to have a style, other than anything-but-trackside-wedgie, AKA try-something, AKA look-at-shots-later-and-try-to-figure-out-why-yet-again-they-are-nothing-notreworthy.

But in general, I suspect it is difficult to consciously develop a style; one's style is revealed only after many years go by and one looks back on the images. But then, I am not so familiar with the process of thinking through a shot in terms of style; I basically have a mechanical approach - put the train here, put the secondary (or primary) subject here, how does the sky look, etc. I don't have much of a vision.
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