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Well, Chase...I did things in a bit of a different order from you. Started out taking shots to document trains, but that didn't last long at all - I went straight from not knowing how to use a camera to trying to be the best photographer in western Canada, following the footsteps of Nick Morant. Unfortunately, had no idea how to handle my film, so by the time I joined RP I had a collection of shots from about a year prior, and they ALL GOT REJECTED! (Mostly because I scanned them at school and uploaded them after resizing in MS Paint)
I didn't get photoshop until a couple years ago, I was working with only contrast and saturation adjustments on jpeg files until I shot my first raw file back in 2008. The big turning point for me was getting a digital camera and suddenly not having odd blurs and washed out colours like I'd come to expect from film (Though it was mostly cheap scanning and cheap lenses)
From then on, I didn't really have a vision anymore. I just take crappy photos that I care less and less about, and I've never had more than a 50% acceptance rate here. Maybe somebody thinks of me as the defining figure in modern Canadian Rockies railway photography, but I doubt they're in a stable state of mind.
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