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I suppose I should've added that it's a lot easier to stand out when a location is poorly documented, but not including the Pacific Northwest into that category. I suppose I should've also added how it can be difficult to stand out even more when you have numerous photographers in the same region. That brings in a whole new series of questions and neat comparisons to see how a group of photographers capture scenes in their own ways. This type of stuff is also interesting to compare at photo charters.

In this particular thread, I'm looking to discuss who stands out only in the RP community, because frankly, I have more experience with and their role in railroad photography. I'd like to expand that to CRPA and Kalmbach, etc. I'm working on it!

That said, I'll stand by my statement that you stand out when I think of the Pacific Northwest, simply from a Railpictures standpoint. When looking at books published in that region or articles submitted to magazines, other names certainly do come to mind, however from sharing images online, you stand out.

And to answer your final question, I don't really read into that much. I don't look as as a personal challenge to be the best, most respected, etc. In my opinion, that's a little over the top. I do, however, look at Railpictures as being competitive. I suppose it simply varies on the intentions of different contributors. Are you simply content with submitting photos? I personally look at the award system to be a great example of what I'm trying to explain.

A modern day image really has to stand out to "wow" the crowd. By competitive, I'm looking at it from an equipment/software standpoint. In this day and age where technology is so advanced, everyone is on the same level and you really have to work harder (IMO) to stand out and be creative. I even think that attempting to be creative is really even pushing digital over the top at times, especially with these night exposures or shooting in less than ideal weather conditions.

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