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What is your style of photography and why?

That's a very BIG question. I wish there was a list or something that I could chose an answer from but of course I can't and what I could come up with in the 30 seconds I just gave myself to pick an answer is a "What Else is There?" style. As for why, because everyone knows what a train (insert any other subject here) looks like up close but what about the WHEREs or HOWs or WHYs of it. I am always looking to tell the story with whatever is around.

What type of mood do you associate with your images, if any?

If I can bring the viewer into the scene and make them feel like they are watching, feeling and experiencing the same thing I did at that time then I have succeeded. Obviously, mood varies depending on the type of photo, location, weather, etc.

Why do you shoot them and what makes you stand out?

I guess looking back at my railfan photography I can almost credit O. Winston Link for my "style", which, not surprisingly, is similar (although very different at the same time). His N&W steam project was exactly that, a project in which he wanted to document the end of steam in that time period. A mix of cultural happenings as well as industry happenings. I learned that when I did a report on him for my high school photography class back in 2004. Ever since then as well as getting advice from others I have been attempting to do that but with some twists and variations.

I have found that my style also varies depending on my mood or the situation that I am put into. Sometimes I will be a documentarist shooting rosters of an SD45-2 in perfect light or sometimes I will be the artist stretching the limitations of light. Once in a while, the stars will align and I can combine the two which is the ideal situation for me; catching that rare move or scene in light that is hard or impossible to duplicate.

I would love to take on projects and see them through to the end but I have such an eclectic taste in subjects and styles that its hard for me to stay on track. That being said, my being a railfan is sometimes a bad thing. I can't ignore or sacrifice that steam special in October to stay home and shoot fall foliage along the NJT here as much as I want to.

I will also give credit to my brother for my "style". Probably 75% of my photos not only on RP but in my collection have been taken at the same location of the same train on the same day as him. I had to develop "an eye" in order to prevent standing shoulder to shoulder getting the same thing especially when chasing the same thing for 4 days. That would get old quick. If it weren't for him, I may not have starting taking a chance on a different angle and I may be in a continuous 3/4 wedgie loop.
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