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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Precisely. I'd fix the distortion. It's not as if the building is so high you want to keep the distortion to enhance the effect so why not fix it? If you elect to leave it, most people would accept the leaning on each side and focus on the center which looks off CCW.

I don't think you should ever mess with the "distortion." The shot is level, based on the center point of the photo. The worst tool on Photoshop is the "lens correction" thing.

This is the sort of stuff what would drive a sane person to drink! I wouldn't prostitute myself to that extent to please RP...or anyone. If they don't like the shot as is....don't sweat it. That's just one opinion, and as my late mother would say, "their mouths are not a prayer book."

That's just my opinion, of course (but one that is bandied about off list quite a bit by many veteran photographers on this particular subject).
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