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Originally Posted by bnsf sammy
This brings up an interesting question...
Lets just say you had 2 mill just laying around and you bought a new ES44DC. Would GE sell it to a regualar civilan? I'm assuming that if GE was to sell it to you, you couldn't go and run it on the BNSF mainline unless you got premission from BNSF right? So I guess if one of us was just going to buy a locomotive you would have to have your own track to run it on, or keep it in your garage.
i think that you can buy EMD or GE loco.
but i think that if you wanna to run it on bnsf line or any line at first you should get apermission then i think that you sould pay to the company as you are using thier line and run your loco on it.also i think that they may restrict you by limitted time as they should at first run thier trains.
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