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First off, yes, I did look at the changes and I couldn't hardly notice a difference.

The greens are a little less saturated, but then again, that's personal taste or perhaps your monitor renders colors slightly differently. On my monitors the original does not appear to be soft on the major details I look at on a locomotive to judge sharpness. The "softness" on the road-railers is a product of the depth of field and was intentional. Light was over my left shoulder so the light would have been on the opposite side of the road-railers that were visible. I'll ask NS to reverse the curve so the light will be more agreeable for the RP screeners.

I will say that this is the first time I have openly vented my frustration about the screening on this site, and I've had PLENTY of rejects. Some I saw (and knew ahead of time) why they were rejected. Those taught me to be more picky about what I submitted. I appealed a few where I felt it was a difference in monitor calibration or some other technical (exposure, color, defocus, etc) reason, trying to get the perspective of the screener or I was trying to get the screener to realize what I was doing with the shot.

I have no problem asking for help...but good lord, when they start bouncing stuff because of MINOR issues (that are HIGHLY subjective) that I have to make almost non-perceptible changes, then its nit-picking.
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