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I'll quote Andrew in saying there is too much to respond to here, however, if we stick to the original issue it's not so bad.

The photo in my eyes is on par or above typical RP submissions.

It comes down to two issues;

1) Variance in tastes and tolerences between 4 screeners (which is a rather large amount). Though, we should recall and appreciate, and utilize the appeal process. I think this would have been a moot point had the photo been appealed. Bringing it to the forum for a second opinion was intelligent, perhaps the wording was not. But, such wording is typical after a rejection that seems uncalled for. Tit for tat.

2) Improper rejection reasons (and the following ping pong game).
Poor Lighting (High Sun): The angle of the sunlight is too high, a common problem in the summer months of year on mid-day shots.

If you state this and it is not true, how can you not expect frustration?
I'm not a screener but I think I'd attempt some detail on such a borderline rejection. Or just accept it if it is so unobvious. Isn't there an "other" check box where you can detail your thoughts? Or a better rejection line that is more accurate?

Note also that in attempting to justify the rejection, no one but MikeB pointed out the original rejection issue.

As for the white on the nose - here's what I got in CS2.
It looked good to me, here's a sample from the nose on a pure white background.

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