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Originally Posted by BartY
Let me say this, there are more than a few much more talented photogs than I who have had enough with and have gone elsewhere, mainly because of junk like this. They're getting tired of being nickel and dimed to death because of a stray shadow on a coupler, truck or someone whining about contrast or color saturation that doesn't fit their personal view of how a photo is supposed to look.
Then they must not want to work real hard for a larger amount of people to see their work. Is it really difficult to just get a nicely composed shot? Even just a wedgie? Not hard at all. And for those who complain about wedgies, it's funny how many non-RP contributors [who post lower quality photos on other sites/groups/etc] write that if you want to find perfect, sunny-lit 3/4 wedgies, you're gonna have to look elsewhere, becuase they were shooting on a cloudy day. It's because they enjoy 3/4 wedges, and they're the type of shot they want to get. In other words, when they come to RP, they'll find the exact kind of image they want, the most common, "boring old" 3/4 wedge shot.
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