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Metro and DC: Rockville is doable for trackside wedgies, but boring. Silver Spring MD, nothing much worth doing from the Metro platform but step out into the city and there are some nice angles; I need to get over there. Alexandria VA, another place where Amtrak station is near Metro station, very nice place to go. L'Enfant plaza, interesting overhead angles there plus trackside at VRE station (plus the Freericks hotel shot). Crystal City VA, VRE station, tight angles. Van Dorn VA was nice, not for the adjacent CSX but for the short walk across the parking lot to the NS yard, now difficult to access given new security fencing. Union Station, difficult to shoot, not a big fan of the view from the parking deck but it can be ok.

Of all those, my favorite used to be Van Dorn, but now with the fencing there, Alexandria probably the best, have not done L'Enfant in a long while. None of those are B&O, now that I think about it.
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