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Doug Wolfe
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Ian: I have a few suggestions for what they are worth:

1) On the first shot it was a cloudy day. Go back on a sunny day and take the exact same shot with another train.

2) Second shot, the train is going away. RP does not accept a lot of those.

Several of your rejections are for "Size (Dimensions)". Use photo editing software to correctly size your photograph. Do it for every picture you submit.

Several of your rejections are for either composition, balance or cropping. Do NOT put the nose of the train in the center of the picture. Rule of thirds. Nose of the train to the left or right.

A couple were for being unlevel. Use your photo editing software to level the shots. If you do not have photo editing software, buy it. Christmas is coming up if you want to stick a relative with the cost of the purchase.

It is not your camera. Your camera is great. Most of your shots are easily fixable if you re-shoot them.

..oh yeah...and do everything JRMDC said.
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