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After they got mad at me I only had 1 a day until I lobbied and got more per day.

Your first shot has bad contrast (seems washed out) and the side of the train (the cars) are in the shade - very bad.

The second one has a car on the front of the engine.

If you are going to shoot DPU's do it like this:

Image © EL ROCO Photography
PhotoID: 334621
Photograph © EL ROCO Photography

Also, take into account that they don't normally go for low angle shots which is why I was surprised this one got in.

Image © EL ROCO Photography
PhotoID: 341492
Photograph © EL ROCO Photography

this one, no:

Distributed Power II - A Pair of General Electric ES44DC's
DPU's are not used on Sandpatch, its manned crews. But anyways, I see it all now. I was too stuck up to notice what I was doing wrong. I am glad I did what I did on this exact forum, because it showed the flaws I should have noticed a while ago.
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