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I know this thread is teetering on the edge of being dead, but I was finally able to get a chance to see the movie tonight. Ya, the story line was full of holes and the acting was pretty cheesy (Denzel plays the same character is every movie), but I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail in respects to both the railroad and Western PA.

The terminology was right ('in the hole,' 'lash-up,' 'notch 8,' 'long hood forward'), everybody was dressed the part and they even added railroady things beyond the obvious (highrailers, dispatching centers, crew vans, slow orders). They obviously did their homework. How easy would it have been to just rent out a tourist railroad and do a cheap repaint (like most movies do if they need a railroad)?

The first 20 minutes of the movie where they set the mood and introduced the characters was also extremely well done. The weather, the clothing, houses, rolling hills, blue collar workers - the whole thing screamed Pittsburgh (and made me miss that great place even more than I already do). They even used a lot of Western PA names.

Overall I enjoyed. Like I said earlier, it was filled with obvious plot holes and wasn't very realistic... but its one of those movies that you check your mind out at the door. The acting was pretty forced and the themes pretty simple (in case you didn't pick up on it, corporate is evil and only cares about money), not to mention I was getting dizzy - I don't think the there was a single stationary scene in the entire movie. I have a hard time accepting trying to make some thing as not exciting of trains really really exciting, but overall great effort.

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