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Default Soft Images with 24-105

Recently I've noticed some images (usually taken with my 24-105L) that have been coming out a little soft. I don't think it would be the lens fault but I was wondering if you had any ideas. My specs are usually 1/800th, F7.1 and ISO 200 (give or take a little depending on the light). I use "continuous shooting" and AIFocus. About half the time I spot focus (choosing a particular dot to focus) and the other half I let the camera focus for me (choosing amongst the 7 or so AF points). Any tips there that could help sharpen up those images? Here are a few examples:

I use a Canon XSi and Lightroom 3 if that makes any difference. Let me know if you have any ideas on what might be going on. Could it be the particular lens I have is just a tad bit soft? I wouldn't think thats the case as I have other images that are sharp as a knife. Seems like it might be a slow focusing type issue or shutter speed?

Thanks for the help guys.



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