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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Also, it has the appearance that you were on railroad property to get this shot...
Originally Posted by strench707 View Post
Ween, I can assure you this was taken from a safe location and regardless they would have probably slapped it with a PEQ if there was a dispute.
That's interesting, because with a focal length of 18mm, you weren't standing safely off the bridge and zooming in. Also, since you did not zoom in and there is a black chain-link fence from the middle of the bridge to the east end that does not appear in the photo (can be seen here), you must have been standing on the bridge. Lastly, since I can only see two concrete abutments in your shot and there are four over the highway not counting the end ones, I have to assume you are standing directly over the northbound I-270 local lanes (about where the arrow is on this map).

Please explain how this is a safe location that is not trespassing.

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