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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Absolutely false...

Several manufacturers still make them:

Winchester: (over-under only)

Savage / Stevens: (over-under only)




Franchi: (over-under only)

If you want one, cruise the pawn shops or gun stores for used shotguns, deals can be had. Let me re-phrase that, deals WILL be had. Especially in a double barrel, they are not sexy now. You can find an older Stevens side by side in really good shape for under $200 and have a solid functional side by side that will last another hundred years. No need to buy new. If you want to spend thousands, a good LC Smith would be outstanding.

If you want a pump, used Remington 870's is what you want, preferred pre-1990 because they started to use some plastic parts about that time.

That was a reply Well Worth Waiting For!

Thanks for correcting that other guy who thought that double barrelled shotguns were no longer manufactured.

I only have one shotgun, a double-barrelled, side by side Savage bsd-e? I'll check to make sure.

One barrell is choked.

I have had a problem with the ejector sears, (or is it seers), having found out after buying the shotgun, that one barrell had NO ejector sear!

I wrote to Savage, and got another ejector sear, but it didn't work right. Discussed the problem with a local gunsmmith, who told me to file it to make it fit.
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