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Originally Posted by John West View Post
While I agree with Kent (and envy him for being at the POW hotel) I think Kevin's advice is more useful right now for Spacetrain. Space train seems to be motivated to learn, but he keeps making the same mistake over and over. He needs to force himself to get away from the snap shot approach. So lets start as Kevin suggests with trying to recognize and use the kind of "good" light that makes taking better train pix easier.
Exactly. I have no arguments with Kent's post. I certainly don't put my camera away when the light isn't perfect. But Spacetrain isn't ready for challenging conditions. He needs to put himself in the best possible situation to succeed and the lighting he's picking right now isn't going to get him there. We all have to start someplace and that someplace for him needs to be late afternoon or early evening, on a day with no clouds filtering the sun.

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