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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi John,

How long ago was the photo rejected? Typically, rejected photos are only held in the data base for 7 days, so the links will stop working and the shots will disappear from your rejected photo list after that time. If you are finding that the photo and link disappeared quicker than that, well that is curious indeed. I haven't been submitting much lately (too busy!!) so I can't say I have any recent experience with it. Occasionally, some features on RP do malfunction and it has been taking a while in some cases to get them working again.

I am curious about your comments regarding Lightroom and "grain." I use Lightroom all the time and would like to hear some more about your experience and why you believe that other software is better. I personally have been pretty pleased with LR and I find that I can now readily process images very quickly with it.
Thanks Kevin and all your comments and encouragement. I adore your stand out photography.

Now to answer: most rejections do not appear in my profile list or have a working link. I suspect settings are at play as daily upload limit was halved "due to a high number of rejections". I did ask earlier about this and so far nobody else says they have this issue which came into effect many months ago. This time I did get a working link for another [easy fix] rejected photo.

I agree with your comments about the rejected image and if not for the rare opportunity would not have even bothered taking some of the shots that day.

As far as Lightroom is concerned, I'm not saying other software is better - only that in my experience I have had issues with what looks like grain. It's perhaps a matter of competence but a good reason for me to avoid using it!
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