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Default More About Vulcan Plant

There had been some committee meetings and also some delays before the vote of Monday of this week.

I'm going to check out those earlier meetings, since minutes of this week's meeting are not yet posted to the net.

On the print part of WMBF News (I have not been able to find a video of the report), titled, "Ordinance to rezone land for rock yard with concrete crushing approved by Conway Council," by Ian Cross, Digital Content Manager, it is stated in paragraphs 6 & 7, near the end of the report:

" . . . The Heavy Industry district has specific design standards that address odor, air and water pollution, electrical disturbance or interference, and noise . . .

Vulcan has said they will go beyond the required 25-foot landscape buffer to a landscape buffer of at least 50 feet to adjacent residentially-zoned properties."
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