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Thanks for posting the phot, Mike. The Facebook crowd reports a lot of gondola cars in the Lowes and Atlantic Center for Business and Industry recently.

Also, I was wondering if anyone here reads Railroad & Railfan magazine, which one Facebook poster said had an article on the possibility of RJCorman running an excursion train between Conway and Myrtle Beach, which seems highly unlikely for a long time to come, considering, that if things don't get stopped by the Wild Wing homeowner opposition, and Vulcan does get approval for its plans to reopen its crushed stone facility
outside of Conway, is predicted to be near the end of this year before the long unit trains return to that site.

Railroad & Railfan magazine seems to be hard to find, and the magazine article is said to have been prompted by a WPDE15 news report, which I was unable to find with searches on both Yahoo and Google.

Hope there is someone here who could fill us in on the details.
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