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Originally Posted by amtrak07t View Post
I send the SRI a message. The flag was just for fun on the last day. I think it's pretty neat.

Thereís no significance to the pirate flags. It was just the back shop maintenance crew having a little fun on the last day of the North Pole Express. Many people in the shop donate all of their weekend free time for five weeks. They deserve a little fun, donít you think?
Again I have no problem with flag, just curiosity has got me wondering if there was a reason/story behind it. Kudos to the crews everywhere for putting in their time and efforts for us all to enjoy the trains we all love a little fun is always deserving. I enjoy riding the trains just as much as taking their pics AND yes if the day ever comes financially, I will have one in my local area just so I can pass on the passion and preserve some railroad history.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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