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The 10% shadow recovery is setting shadows/highlights at 10% for shadows in CS2. I had been using 10%, but leaving the other setting at default, but Alan Crotty receommended reducing both the tonal range and the radius from 50 to 25. He also recommends using 27% highlight at a tonal range of 25 and a radius of 25 as well. It really makes for improved sunny day shots. On Bill's foggy shot, I only used shadow recovery, not highlights.

The Local Contrast Enhancmemnt technique is explained at
This site is aimed at landscape photographers, but that's what a lot of us are doing, shooting landscapes with trains in them! The theory is, you notice small differences of contrast in the mid tones more than you do at the ends. This technique enhances mid tone contrast, but doesn't blow out the highlights as often happens in normal contrast enhancement.

Between Alan Crotty, Christine and the Luminous Landsacpe, I've learned a whole lot about photo shop in the last five months.

Michael Allen
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