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Originally Posted by Chris Z View Post
I drove down to the Mississippi River to catch the 4449 and it just had to be my luck that it was a very cloudy day and it came through on the wrong track. Who would have thought that it would run reverse main to boot. I guess I'll have to try again someday.

Chris Z.
South of East Dubuque,IL they ran main 1 main 2 is normal but had a bad rail?? and or a track rider out looking for it. Ran track 1 to keep it moving. What sucked was I ran my car hard and still was 150 miles to get a head of it. . That was almost as much fun All the cars from the funeral from the DME guys last week jammed Savanna up good as 4449 got their at the same time.

Go for it, Like Joe i think it can get in.
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