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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I'd go back and post process some more. They're clearly letting some cloudy/common shots of this get it. Try to make the 4449 pop a little more from the background. I like this shot. I think you've got a winner here even if RP still decides to can the shot. I like it; I think it's just as interesting as some of the shots already in the database and moreso than a lot of them.

The real question will be if they ignore the lower part of the wheels being cut off. But that's a bridge you should cross when you get to it. So, go back and process again, then resubmitt. If it doesn't go on, consider a Flickr account or some other way of sharing this one with more foks because it's a worthy shot.
I'll second what Joe said. I think with some careful tweaking, the subject could be made to pop a little more. There are plenty of shots on RP that are a lot closer to the fringes than this one.

With the avalanche of shots of this locomotive, the Screeners may have decided to tighten things up a bit. Never the less, work on it some more and give it another go.

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