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Default Perkiomen Trespassers

I'm posting this for all to see. My family owns most of the land on the south side of the Vera Cruz horse shoe, this land is private property. There are pics on this site that were taken from my backyard. In the pics the back of a NO TRESPASSING sign is clearly visible along the tracks. Last time a passenger event was held I got several calls that people were all over my property, setting up tripods 10-30 yards off the tracks in my back yard, using our swings and picnic benches, and knocking down corn in our fields to set up ladders to take pictures. Our front yard was trashed by all the vehicles parking on the grass. And some had the nerve to park in my driveway, blocking it. When I got there and confronted these folks I got the response - We knocked to ask permission but no one answered. Sorry but this behavior will not be tolerated. Please stay off the horse shoe between Acorn Drive and Main Rd. East. No permission will be given and Trespassers will be prosecuted
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