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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I'll take those 10 points as I don't understand your version of sarcasm.

What I am saying is the complete opposite of what you imply. Consistency is all I am asking and hoping for on RP - several screeners yet one set of rules.

I can go to a McDonnalds anywhere in the US and I get what I expect regardless of which person cooked my meal. If the meals keep getting better, that's great. I know it ain't easy and there is certainly discretion involved but there are several examples in the data base of images - both new and old that contradict what others have had rejected.

If you want consistency, go to mcdonalds. you cant just get every shot you upload accepted. thats what he was trying to say. I wouldnt complain about it getting rejected with all that foreground clutter. I was pointing out in that other picture that most pictures with through-girder bridges get rejected for foreground clutter because the entire trucks are blocked by the bridge structure.

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