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It looks (almost) awesome to me, Sean.

I like the color much better - the train just pops - especially the Chessie. The black and white is a bit flat. The color is very rich and vibrant. I'd work on that one.

As for the "poor crop", having a subject centered vertically seems to be near instant rejection on RP. Crop it to put the train more to the bottom third of the image. Loose some to the left and bottom and I think you have a good shot at it.

Poor lighting seems more an issue of one screener then a broken rule. You could try to selectively brighten some of the darker areas - or use shadows and highlights to increase the brightness and detail in the shadow (and or overall picture).

Primarily - I'd try to get more detail out of the trucks and not worry so much about the nose at all. If that does not do the trick, appeal. If THAT does not do the trick, consider what I said above and just brighten the entire image with the "fill" tool or shadow recovery making the overall image brighter but don't go too far making it look flat and "like a painting".

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