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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Unlevel was the first thing I noticed with the first rejection. I'm not sure why they didn't just nail you for that then.
Pffft..... How do you walk a straight line in this world?

Sean - this is bordering the nit picking that Chris says does not exist on this site. Sometimes that's not a bad thing if the photographer is motivated enough to make his or her photo worthy
of consideration for the next National Geographic or Time magazine cover. Or, if perhaps Chris would take my advice and reject with the comment - keep at it, we'd really like to accept this one.

So - as for unlevel - I will *guess* perhaps a pubic hair or two CCW.

As for color - Auto any and everything in Photoshop leaves the image unchanged except "auto color" but that makes the image warmer and in my opinion adds to much hazy yellow.

However - if you go to "Levels" and you'll see it's near perfect... but then go to "Options" and it will bring up "Auto Color Options" at which point you can
go shadows clip and change from default of .10 and change to 1 and highlights clip and also change to 1% vs .1. I often change those values - they assure you have at least somewhere
in your image -maximum blacks and whites. The hazeyness went away completely and the image became sharper and a little less green.

Then, if RP does not accept it, I'd send it to both Time and NatGeo for a possible center spread. Or, you can walk, like many other fine ex-RP'rs whose work must be viewed elsewhere - like
TRAINS and Railroads Illustrated.. or FB. I hope instead you endure what seems to be the road to perfection which this screener has chosen to somewhat exclusively steer you onto.

Good luck - PC in it if you get it on.


PS - I rotated it .01 CCW and that looked crooked.
In other words, looks good to me as is.
The verticals on the centered Chessie cab look PERFECT.

Maybe Jim can chime in on which blades of grass were not
perpendicular to the ground?

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