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Originally Posted by Sean Mathews View Post
Not giving up. I mean, for historical and archival purposes.... IT'S CHESSIE. I mean this is the heritage of all heritage engines. I thought they no longer existed.
I think that technically this engine has been restored/repainted (based on RRPA photos) - it's part of the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railway, which runs on South Branch tracks, and your photo confirms it's used in freight service as well. Which is pretty darn cool. (this was all from quick googling so someone correct me if I'm wrong).

The Chesapeake & Indiana RR in Indiana also has a Chessie engine in active freight service. I made a trip to Malden just to see the engine, where it's normally parked in full view next to a grain elevator. That day, they'd parked it behind tons of trees a town over in La Crosse. I still took a "bigfoot" style picture of it, as like you I was elated to see Chessie in person on a freight RR. Congrats on the find and amazing photo!

Anyone know of any others?
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