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Originally Posted by Drew Mitchem View Post
But do you notice that Elijah torched the heck out of the nose of the train in his shot vs the other shot where that dude kept it "real". Yeah, Elijah's composition is better, but his photoshop abilities are also better to a point where his shot isn't reality. That's my honest opinion.
Why do you think it doesn't look real though?

He got a little better exposure and the brights aren't clipping in the lights. It's also most likely a different camera, different lens, the shots were taken from different angles and locations, and the train was at a different ANGLE to the lens in both shots, that influences the capture too

Yeah, he photoshopped the shit out of it, but to say it doesn't look real is ridiculous.

I prefer the composition of the second shot, it shows the background much more, whereas the first shot literally frames just the signals and the train, and not much more. He left a lot more on the table IMHO.

The nose of the locomotive is pretty washed out in the second shot though
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