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Default Film Shot - "Poor Image Quality?"

The first time submitted this photo, it was rejected for a contrast issue. I fixed by scanning a higher quality print, and lightening the image without touching contrast. The second time around it was rejected for "Poor Image Quality: The technical quality of the image needs to be improved."

Trying to determine what they are looking for. My experience has been - in the last three years - that the rejection changes with each submission, so it's a challenge to determine the actual issue, or if they simply don't like the photo. I always explain in comments for screener that this is a film shot and describe the conditions so they know what I'm working with. Some background on this photo:
  • Georgetown neighborhood, Seattle
  • Dry dusty conditions
  • Canon AE-1 in Shutter Priority mode
  • ISO 200 film
  • 135mm lens
  • Approx 8:00pm, facing north with sun to the left of the photo

What am I missing? Thanks for your help.
Kurt Clark

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