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Originally Posted by raider-15 View Post
I didn't mean any shot that you can't see the trucks in is low quality. You're taking it to an extreme. To elaborate on what I said: the fact that half the train is covered by a steel object doesn't particularly appeal to me in any way. The photos you provided as examples are both great images in my opinion.

The sun seems to be at a pretty high angle, causing long shadows that aren't pleasing to the eye. Also, it is actually lit from the wrong side. And the trucks being covered can most definitely be an issue. Maybe that's not what it was rejected for, but "obstructing objects" is a rejection you can receive. Now I believe I have made my main arguments clear to you.
1. In all your replies you have profoundly stated that this shot is "low quality". Indeed, that has been the primary reason of your dislike for this shot. I really have no objection to your dislike for this shot but because you cannot see the trucks does not automatically make it low quality. If that is a criteria for your work, that's fine. I have no problem with that. But to condem all shots, which obviously you will, shows a lack of vision, because you can only see in a constrained tunnel vision, or, are unable to experiment and think outside the box because it doesn't fit your preconceived idea of what is good or bad.

2. I'm not seeing these long shadows you are refering to? Long shadows happen early or late in the day, not when the sun is overhead. There are no long shadows in this shot.

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