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I think that the best idea would be to consult Nick DAmato (Diamond D). I am pretty sure is is rather familiar with that area, and would likely be a very good source for info.

As for me, Railfanning goes like this:
When I get to go trackside (normally saturday afternoon or evening), I typically go to one of two places. The Amtrak Station here in town or a trestle, also close by. The station provides view of a signal, which is very helpful as I don't have a scanner. The trestle on the other hand is much more photogenic.
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On this line, train frequency averages one per hour. I wait trackside until one shows up. Simple as that. With the signal, I have much more warning, but the bridge is much better in terms of photo results.

Trains don't really have any set times at which they come, (normally) I do know that Durham has four daily Amtrak trains. These come at 07:22, 10:23, 17:24, and 20:04. You can check on to see if they will be on time, head out then, and be guaranteed a train. This can be very helpful.
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everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."
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