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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I thought you were stating the photographers were the "clutter" and that threw me off. Getting back to consistency, however, you bring up an interesting observation. As if to acknowledge my point above, perhaps the train obscured by the trestle was allowed since it was understood that the photo's primary focus was that of the rail fan aspect of the image. The obscured train did not detract from the implied intent of the composition.
They do a good job of rejecting most through-girder bridges because it completely obstructs the trucks and usually the front plow/pilot/knuckle area of the locomotive. That is what I am getting at. Maybe yours got on because it's an F unit instead of a GE widecab. It definetly is not location, because I have seen plenty of instances, including a couple of my own where the location/shot was very scenic and that did not matter. That's why I made that comment.

As for the railfans, I am really not a fan of those types of shots, but that's just personal preference. If it was a couple kids playing in the river or a family picnicking , that's human interest. A bunch of foamers trying to keep out of each others' way is not AFAIAC.
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