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Both you and I are kids trying to fit in an adult hobby; We've both had to learn the hard way to watch what we say.
I've learned the hard way to what you say in the past without thinking, can and very well could affect your future.. When I came to RP, I took my lumps and bashing's that came with being one of the rat's former supporter's. I bit my tongue and kept moving. You need to learn to keep your mouth quiet and accept some things, even though you may dis-agree. I will also admit I come off a bit cocky at times on the forum's, but I try to keep it on the down low.

What I would say "screwed the pooch" over on you is whenever you bothered to get into the never ending, pointless EMD vs. GE pissing match, along with the fake snow on your photos.

We live and learn in life. Time to start living by that phrase and acting according to age.

I'm not trying to bash you, but the point needs to be made.

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