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Originally Posted by jay124 View Post
.....It worked thank you. Holloran I looked at the 1st again and at that angle I think the shadows maybe a problem, I still like it with the units closer, and am happy with the overall image.
My issue with the close one was that the shadow was large and right in the center of the photo.

The light in that and the one that they took was not optimal, but the panned away shot minimized the shadow and moved it from the center.

Look at the rail heads in your photo, do you see the shadow coming down from the top of the rail?

When the light is really good, that shadow will be small or almost non-existent.

Amtrak Train No. 3 at Ken's Crossing by El Roco Photography, on Flickr

Twilight at East Cadiz by El Roco Photography, on Flickr

That is a helpful gauge that you can see from your car on the highway and you can move to another spot where the rail shadow is less.

Course, it was not at all helpful that the leader was an NS unit because the black paint accentuated the problem.

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