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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post

The last time I was in Wyoming was for the solar eclipse. I'm pretty sure this won't be nearly that nutty.

As the veteran of over forty years of main line steam chases, I respectfully disagree. Once it happened, the solar eclipse was a one-location event. This will be a continuous insane leapfrog event with most chasers trying to get as many shots as possible. There's always at least one video/sound person trying to get endless pacing sequences on narrow roads, holding up throngs of still photographers who are trying to get ahead to the next shot, and tempers will flare.

I've seen this type of behavior on chases for 40 years, and although I didn't witness any bad behavior, the first Spencer - Roanoke trip after the second 611 rebirth was by far the most crowded event that I have ever participated in. Later 611 events paled in comparison, and although the big boy is on my bucket list, this is not the event for me.

My recommendation is to find a secluded location that requires too much time for the average foamer to access, get one really good shot, and then take anything else that you get that day as a bonus. You won't get as many photos as much of the pack, but you will come away with better memories, and probably better, more unique, images.
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