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Default Help with 3 rejections

Hi all,
Need some friendly advice on possible fixes for these rejections.
This one got rejected for Bad Crop/Bad Angle,Im After a close up of just the front engine since its wearing the new scheme.

Tried this one twice,one rejected for composition/balance which does have quite abit of deadspace but trying to include the new set of signals on the left,tried tighter crop after first rejection but got bad cropping rejection.

Tried this one aswell,first up was quite a tight crop with 4x6 style but that one got bad cropping rejection,tried again by not cropping as tight but got rejected for distracting shadows which seems like a joke.

The shadows are obvious as it was taken in early morning so sun wasnt high enough to lighten the platform and track in that part,the shadows are obstructing a very small portion on the nose of the train which is nowhere near as bad as some of the backlight nose shots being accepted.

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