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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
But dont you think if that was their intention they would present their trophies in the best possible light (pun intended)?

And to the person who insinuated that NS is so power short that every second these new units are not on the road that NS is losing money and the railroad is screeching to a halt, please, stop. It makes you look ignorant. I know you know better than that.
Unreal thread. Thanks for starting it. You really think NS cares if a roster shot is taken in perfect sweet evening light? Time is money... I can't believe you're ignorant enough to think NS should keep a new locomotive out of service longer than it needs to in order to get that 'perfect' shot. You should be happy NS recognizes RP enough to work out this deal in the first place. Sure they aren't perfect, that's not the point of these photos. You need to look no further than to see that NS doesn't care if a photo is artistically ground breaking and absolutely perfect according to an amateur train photographer web site.
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