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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
NS went to the trouble to hire someone to pay someone to shoot the units. That tells me they really dont care how they turn out...

Obviously not a professional photographer, but hey, they are paying him, right? If they really didnt care, they would just have "bubba, the second trick hostler who just got him a brand new iPhone" to shoot them

They didn't exactly go out of their way to find someone, it's his job. I'm sorry you don't approve of the quality of his work. There is a difference between perfection and "that'll do". I think NS has already jumped through enough hoops to please investors and the general public as well as a small minority of the population that genuinely cares. Just because some foamtard behind a keyboard thinks they should have waited a week for a sunny day and then had a picnic while the sun was 'in just the right spot' doesn't mean they should do it. There might be a few hundred people in the word that care if the trucks are a little too dark for their own personal liking. I'd bet good money none of those people have ever spent a dime to help the NS bottom line. So yes, they are paying Casey to take these photos which means they do care. Do they care if they're 'perfect', no, because sometimes it's not worth the effort.

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
I should be happy they show up on railpictures first? Why exactly? I will see them eventually somewhere, you would think that RP would actually apply the same standards to these as they would to the rest of the gevo's they accept. If you cant see this is what I am getting at, I dont know how to help you.
I didn't say you should be happy the units are being premiered first on RP. I'm saying you should be happy NS is conscious enough of you as a foamer and this web site to even acknowledge it, let alone use it as a resource to show off their new units to the people that genuinely care the most (foamers).

I completely see what you're getting at, which is why I'm telling you you're a dumb ass for complaining about it. It's been well documented RP is willing to lower their standards for news worthy and rare photos. I'm not sure why you're suddenly so shocked these units would be any different. Look no further than the first Amtrak heritage unit photo on this site as proof. I'm sure if you search through Kilroy's previous posts you'll be able to find a number of instances where he has even stated such.

Maybe you're just a little butt-hurt they aren't paying you to take the photos? Judging by your photo stream I can see why they don't...
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