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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I can't speak to the other rejections as I have not seen them or the reasons they were rejected. The shot in question - and I think I can say this, John, you have hundreds of shots on RP and elsewhere and obviously know how to take a picture - is dull, lifeless. The light is as flat as light gets, and photography, after all, is the capture of light. The scene is barren other than the one tree, and I consider it not a train shot as much as a roster shot. RP holds roster shots to a much higher standard than scene shots. For that matter the tree is poorly placed, and the shot is imbalanced left to right. In general the non-train part of the scene lacks interest. Were it to make it on RP it would descend to the lowest part of your range of images here.

In other words, don't think anymore about "rescuing" this image for RP. Work on a better one and go back and retake this train if you can. You have done much, much better, and have done so many, many times.
Thanks for your honest opinion. Even if I could make the 700-mile trip over and over until I get the sun right for it, I doubt any shot would be accepted. If the sun was out last time it would have been too high. Per photo caption (which was pasted from Flickr image,) we are talking about a "mothballed" line that sees 3 or 4 trains a year. Just as well I'm not that precious about it. The point of this example is I don't see it making any difference whether heritage unit or not so it may just be simply personal preference. I cropped the image from what it is on as I predicted a composition or "too much dead space" rejection if I didn't. I agree it would be a hard sell even if cropped tighter - especially with my rejection history!
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