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Really sorry to hear about all of that, but two bits of advice I'd give you for the future.

1) If you see a police officer where you are going to railfan (there when you arrive), walk up to him and tell him what you are doing there. I have done this in the past and it's always ended up in a "Don't trespass, don't walk past that line, take your pictures," type response. Now, it may not. You may end up with a, "You can't take pictures here," response, which will result in you having to write a letter to his department asking for clarification, but if he's already there and you start taking shots with him in range of you without telling him what you're doing (no matter what the law is) it just isn't likely to go that well.

2) When I'm around LEOs I just turn my scanner/radio off. Even if I'm in a location where it's 100% legal, I know they'll find it intrusive.

Both of these are just words to the wise, honestly. Neither is based in law at all, and in fact I'm sure others will respond vehemently that I'm telling you to act with less than your rights... but sometimes the best thing to do is to put yourself in the other person's shoes for a moment and then react to them how you think that they would be most comfortable with a person like you in your situation.

Again... really sorry to hear that you went through all of that. I do understand how much it sucks.
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