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Default Powerfull video, please watch.

Watch this video and remember it every time you think about trying to beat a train. This happens everyday, people die everyday. just recently
6 people died in Southern California all because the driver didn't wanna wait for a short train going 79mph(would have been stopped for less than a minute). Of the 6 people 2 were teenage girls, and 3 boys under the age of 4. How many people, how many innocent kids have to die before the public realizes the risks of doing this. The next time you think about doing this think about your life, your family's life. Think about the crew of the train knowing they killed someone possibly a family and there was nothing they could do about it. I work for the railroad and I know many people that have hit cars and killed people. It is something they will think about for the rest of their lives and I hope I am never put in that position.

Sam Davey
BNSF Railway Pasco,WA

BNSF conductor/switchman DOWN WITH RCO's!!!!
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