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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post

Any contributors here shooting with the 7D? If so, what are your pros and cons with the camera?

I've been content with my rebel for over a year now, although I'm ready to take the hobby a bit more serious and bump up both bodies and glass. I've heard nothing, but positive reviews with the 7D on B&H, although was hoping to get the opinions of railfans and RP photogs.

I think from a hardware perspective, it is a great camera- I do have concerns about the small 1.6x sensor producing that much resolution in terms of noise at higher ISO's.

Noise is a bigger concern for me than pure resolution, as anything greater than <12mp will suffice. I do like to shoot in very low light, and from what I have seen the 7D is not that great above iso 1600.

My personal opinion would be to save a little longer and get a 5D Mark II, the image quality is absolutely sublime, in terms of noise and resolution. The 5D Mark II is a camera you can use for years on end, and will still be getting top notch quality. I've found over the years, more expensive equipment cost you less money than cheaper stuff- because you're never really satisfied with the performance, and wind up buying the more expensive stuff later, so it almost cost you double. I can't tell you how many $40-50 tripods I I bought instead of buying a decent Bogen, but I know I spent more on the garbage one than the good one. Same for lenses.
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