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While I don't have the original raw to look at in detail, this image should be correctable.

As Loyd indicated, when resubmitting an image, never attempt to edit a low-res JPEG. Delete it and go back either to a raw file or an edited TIF. Make your changes there, then resize and re-sharpen.

Speaking of sharpening, that's a two-step process for me. I do what I call Input Sharpening on the original raw image in Lightroom. Then, after exporting the low-res JPEG for RP, I sharpen a second time. That's a really critical step. Even a raw image that's a tad soft can look decently sharp after resizing and resharpening. Don't get crazy with it, but do look at it carefully at 100%.

With regard to color, there are a number of ways to adjust it. In raw, you should be able to manually adjust the color temperature and tint. There are usually other, more automatic tools like "Autocolor" or some sort of eyedropper tool in which you touch something white or gray in the image and that should cool it off. I'm not a fan of those "auto" tools, but some folks may be happy with the results. Personally, I'd adjust it manually, and again, don't get crazy. If the temp is 5500K, bring it down to 5250K and see what that looks like. Adjust the tint as needed so there are no greenish or reddish tints in things that should be white, such as the white panel on the second unit.

Lastly, I would level it. This image is definitely unlevel and will probably drive Jim Thias crazy when he reads this thread. I am very surprised they didn't bag it for unlevel. Pick a vertical line....perhaps on one of the auto racks near the center of the frame. Rotate it to get that vertical. Then use the vertical perspective slider to get the verticals at the edges of the frame, such as the building walls, so they are also vertical.

This should be salvageable. Definitely take your time editing anything you are going to post here. I usually kill the better part of an hour editing, posting and writing a caption for an RP shot.....and then agonize over it afterward and wonder if it still needs adjustment. Strive for perfection. You won't ever get there, but your work will be better because of it.

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