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I have been riding "L" forever so probably less wary. Like most area kids in the 60's rode every line for one fare except for Evanston and Skokie.

First thing is to know where you are and where you are going so you don't look lost or confused or end up on the wrong line. Unless you are really on the wrong line at the wrong time the biggest risk is a grab and run which can occur anywhere, anytime so good to not look like a photographer and keep camera under coat. Probably good to leave the really big impressive zooms behind or find a way to keep them out of sight until needed.

Red and Blue lines are the big lines with most frequencies and most passengers so safety in numbers.
Like anywhere, if you get off at platform, everyone else will get on or exit and that platform can look very lonely at night and the lines with low frequencies can leave you on deserted platform for while with nowhere to go. CTA site has train frequencies by line and time.

If night is the thing, I'd scout during the day, do the outlying stations as early as possible and stick around the Loop later.

Bob Jordan

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