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Originally Posted by travsirocz View Post
I will be there as well. I even put this together as I was thinking about things to do in the evening.

My approach to down town Chicago has evolved over the decades. I started out only able to photo at night since I was there for business meetings during the day. I was using Nikon film cameras shooting ISO 800 color film, mostly. I was out alone, with the "stragglers," the people who were getting home after the rush, in the dark. I came to see the Loop Trains as sort of lonely and melancholy. When we were dating and for a few years after marriage my wife & I would fly to Chicago from Kansas City to hear Georg Solti conduct the Chicago Symphony, and once to hear Kiri te Kanawa perform a Mozart opera. We were out mostly during the day, and that had a different feel to it. In the past 30 years Chicago seems to have become more run down and a bit dirtier. This has affected my interpretation of it. I've switched from shooting color with a DSLR and for the past three years have preferred a more grainy high ISO b&w film camera. It's fun to hang out all day long and watch as the light, the people, and the mood changes. All in all, I still prefer the melancholy feel of the night. Things are more relaxed, and people seem more reflective as they retreat into themselves. The dark shadows with islands of subdued light create a drama that is lacking during the hurried light of day.

The Leica has been a favorite for street shooting since it's invention in the 1920s, and I still think it's the best camera for the job. Small, unobtrusive, German precision, with a life time of human experience seen through its lenses. For this year I am torn between taking a 1951 Rolleiflex with classic Tessar lens, or a 1937 Voigtlander Bessa with a superb Heliar. Both were the best available camera when they were made. A video I made from shots I took a year or two ago. A Leica IIIc was used, vintage 1942.

Kent in SD

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