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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
items not mentioned for Z-6, 1 card slot, I don't care but for some a problem.
Built in image stabilization, something I would like since I often use primes without VR.
Great for video again a plus for only some.

Thanks for the reminder, Bob! Yes, the body stabilization is very effective. Honest truth....that's what sold me on the camera. This camera is perfect for one of Pete Lerro's impromptu night portrait sessions. As you say, even an unstabilized prime becomes a "VR" lens with this camera. I will probably use it for all of my night shots as well.

The single card slot thing does not bother me. Unlike some other folks, I have never had a card failure, and the XQD cards are supposed to be the most reliable ones yet. Stick a 64 GB card in that camera, and I can shoot for a very long time.

WRT your D750, I think the one advantage you'd see is a virtual doubling of the burst rate. The 750 is like 6.5 fps. This is 12. If you don't burst much, it doesn't matter. Diesel shooters tend not to care. Steam engine shooters like rods-down, and that's difficult to do single-fingering the shots.

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