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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post
And now a shot that seems to strictly comply with rule of thirds gets shot down for composition. Somehow this is awkward? Too much dead space?
Reason(s) for Rejection:

- Composition (Balance): The subject is awkwardly positioned in the frame. RailPictures.Net prefers that images are composed in keeping with the 'Rule of Thirds' meaning that, in most circumstances, the focal point of the image should not be directly in the center of the frame, or too close to any of the edges.
Not that it would make a difference getting accepted I'd like to see more of a description(like your prior post of this train) and generally RP images you see accepted are more like your prior post, maybe crop a little right and top as the train just seems to sit on the left and really not much to see on the right..
Anyway always wanted to go New Zealand but time is running out and with everything else now??? I'd accept it just for not being what we see every day. I try to look daily but sometimes can't move through fast enough.


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