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Some quick thoughts designed to reduce a long winded two page response to half a page:

The”rules” are probably helpful for the beginning photogs who need some basic guidance on how to get their first wedgie posted. And we all started out taking wedgies. Fortunately those rules often seem to be honored in the breach by the screeners since some of the more creative pix do occasionally/often get in.

I don’t sense a check list so much as a desire to try to be able to justify screener choices on some objective basis, compounded by the need to work fast and push standard buttons. Which often produces nonsense results because once you get beyond the basics the whole process becomes inherently judgmental. Perhaps screeners should be enabled to call a spade a spade with a button for “I just don’t like this picture”.

If anything I'd like to see more wedgies rejected. Not because they aren't technically good photographs, but simply on the basis of repetition. Maybe there should be a button for "technically perfect common power wedgie in uninteresting scenery".

The appeal process gets at least one additional screener involved, which is good. Perhaps the screening process should have a third step allowing viewers some kind of input…..which is what is already happening informally in this forum.

While some of my favorite pix have been rejected (including the one on the left that I’m using as an avatar in protest), net net my gut feel is that the screeners are doing a pretty good job of responding to the diverse constituency that pays the bills (look where the hits are!).

But hopefully discussions like Michael’s description of his experience in South Africa will help open the eyes of screeners and viewers alike to some of the more creative aspects of rail photography. Perhaps even John Ryan’s snide remarks help in their own way.

John West

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